Service Mandate

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With its service management approach Service Mandate helps IT-service providers to flourish in the current world of ongoing change.

We give pragmatic guidance to service providers who are offering IT-enabled services in the actual digital economy. We (re)shape workflows and processes to effective value streams so that:

  • value for your customers is created and co-created
  • customer experience is nurtured
  • digital transformation is facilitated
  • the potential of modern technology is utilized

We assist senior management in their responsibility to ensure that the services and processes remain aligned with the priorities oft he business. It’s aboutdoing the right things”. The evolution to new ways of working that are more agile and lean is inevitable and asks for the right governance.

We assist middle management and collaborators in offering consistent quality in the delivery of services. It’s aboutdoing the things rightin an operational environment where a rising need for more velocity is balanced with the need for stability.

Allthough transformations are referred to as ‘digital’, they are about much more than technology. In our approach we integrate the following key success factors:

  • The human factor: cultural change, breaking down siloes and promoting cross-functional teams and interactions
  • The eco-system: the right governance model to manage supplies & partners, stakeholders in your environment of activity.