ITIL 4 foundation awareness

Goal of the course

This one-day course provides an overview of the ITIL® service management framework. The aim of this course is to create an understanding into how IT organizations can align their services, processes, people and technology with their business strategy and customer needs. It is an ideal course to bring yourselves and your colleagues in the right service- and process-oriented mindset.

Course content

- What is IT Service Management?
- Why choose ITIL® as best practice framework ?
- ITIL® mindset, vocabularium and terminology
- Key concepts of Value creation
- Key concepts of Service relationships:

  • service co-creation
  • service offering
  • service provision
  • service consumption
  • relationship management

- The 4 dimensions of service management:

  • Organizations and people
  • Information & technology
  • Partners & suppliers
  • Value streams & processes

- The service value chain
- Continual improvement
- The general management practices
- The service management practices
- The technical managmenent practices


There are no prerequisites.


There is no formal certification for this one day training.

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