ITIL 4 foundation

Goal of the course

We take you as training participant on a service management journey, in which you learn the drivers and advantages of service oriented ways of working: how should service providers organize themselves to be succesful in the current digital world of unprecedented change? You learn what is necesssary to make successful value streams that are really offering the right outcomes to customers. You get an overview of the 34 processes or best practices suggested bij ITIL that you can adapted and combined towards your own company. In this way you avoid to re-invent the wheel.

Course content

- What is IT Service Management?
- Why choose ITIL® as best practice framework ?
- ITIL® mindset, vocabularium and terminology
- Key concepts of Value creation
- Key concepts of Service relationships:

  • service co-creation
  • service offering
  • service provision
  • service consumption
  • relationship management

- The 4 dimensions of service management:

  • Organizations and people
  • Information & technology
  • Partners & suppliers
  • Value streams & processes

- The service value chain
- Continual improvement
- The general management practices
- The service management practices
- The technical managmenent practices


There are no prerequisites. Oh yes, maybe two: your open mind and common sense


You can take the formal foundation exam at the end of the third training day. It is a 40-question multiple choice exam. The passing rate is 26 right answers to 40.
The exam is webbased. You can use your own laptop.

Scheduled courses

You can find the overview of scheduled open courses here.

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