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Digital transformation ?!

About digital transformation there are plenty of books, information on line, seminars and videos. The theory is in the meantime known by a lot of people. However, If you want to embed digital transformation into your operating model and daily operations, slogans won’t help you. You need to get the digital transformation reflex to the work floor.

Focus on value

You have to know how your customers wants to use a service: What is the outcome or result of a service? The Voice Of the Customer has to be examined. Don’t decide in the place of the customer but ‘go and see’.

Focus on customer experience

When you design value streams for a new service focus on customer interactions that can be automated, or human when it’s necessary and appreciated from a point of view of the customer. These interactions will build Customer Experience. This experience determines how the customer feels about the organization and its products.

Challenge new ways of working

If you have requirement meetings with customers be captive for the following needs:

-Inputs or outputs of information: If a customer explains the need for templates and documents, explain possible digital ways of working and comment the advantages.

-New applications: if a customer wants a new application, challenge if he has taken the opportunity to consider new ways of working that can be digitized and offer more value.

In each case try to imagine the future state: if the current way of working and present technology would not be a constraint, what would be the best way of working? Afterwards investigate the gap: maybe a disruption that will be embraced by your customers and feared by your competitors is feasable!

Keep it simple and practical

When you make value streams use the minimum number of steps to accomplish the outcome. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. If a step doesn’t add value for the customer, drop it. Simplify before you automate.

Work in iterations

Organize the work in smaller, manageable sections that can be executed in a timely manner. The focus will be sharper and easier to maintain. Resist the temptation to do everything at once.